Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Title and Tires

Tuesday, July 5th 2011:

Got the title, amazingly this was no problem. We didn't have the title from the previous owner, just a bill of sale. I was in and out of DMV in 30 min. I was called up to the counter before I could complete the form! That was the part I thought was going to take a long time. Boy was I wrong.

I then went shopping a bit (after all it was a vacation day!), then took my newly hitched minivan over to the RV lot. I really hate the guy at the lot, he is so negative and makes going to see Sugardolly an uncomfortable thing. Today when I had an appointment to pull it out he gave me attitude and it took 40 min to get other RVs arranged to get it out! At one point he said "your Dad is outside right?". OMG! Grrr!

Unfortunately my brand spankin' new drop hitch was WAY too low for Sugardolly. The other guy Jeff was great and helped me turn over the hitch ball and low and behold hitch was suddenly 6 inches higher. While majorly freaking out that I was pulling her all by myself I nonetheless managed to get her to the tire store for my appt at 2pm. At 2:30 I checked in again to see how it was going as I hadn't gotten a quote. Oh, they will look at it now... will be done in 30 min... 3:10 comes and goes. I check in again. Bearings will need to be repacked, that will take longer. I go shopping and come back at 5:00pm... finally done after 3 hours! New tires, lugnuts, bearings and wheels (they were all rusty and they had some barely used ones available). I call the RV place and let them know I was going to be coming in at 5:40 instead of 5:30 which I had said before. Rude guy was predictably rude and hung up on me! Grr!

All in all it was a long but productive day!

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  1. MAN! He knows you are paying HIM, right?

    Sheesh. There's no excuse for bad treatment like that. If he's not the owner, you should complain. If he is, you should find another place to store it.

    Nothing should be sucking the fun out of your new camper! :)

    Good luck!