Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Projects in Progress

Re-doing the gaucho cushions...

We tore off the covers, yuck! A lot of dust and grime collected over 47 years!

I cut out most of the pieces out of my sunbrella fabric.
I also got a queen size extra firm foam mattress to cut up for cushion inserts. I had been planning on reusing, but wow, they were gross.

Outside trailer mat...
This was way more ambitious than I had planned originally. I am gluing fabric (Through the Woods Layer Cake squares by moda) onto canvas and then polyurethaning it. But first the fabric had to be sized:

Then it had to be laid out and glued onto canvas:

The white specks are the small amount of gesso I had on hand to prime it with. I really wish I had done more. Not having this properly primed this completely was a big mistake and caused me trouble.

Mommys helper did not make this go fast!
I have since mod podged this more. I still have to press it then polyurethane after I get the border done.

The only thing that got finished was Redneck Wine glasses for my friend Abby and I.
I put colored beads in the candleholder neck before sealing for easy ID!

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